CSolve Webmail Retiring

This CSolve webmail will be retired in late 2017. We advise you to collect any important data now before it is decommissioned. Please contact us if you require assistance exporting your address book and importing it into the Vianet Advanced webmail. The Vianet Advanced webmail is available at https://webmail.vianet.ca/advanced/

WARNING: Phishing Scam Alert

WebMail customers are warned to be aware of attempts to trick you into revealing secure information, a tactic known as 'phishing'.

DO NOT send password information to anyone claiming to be from Compu-SOLVE, or claiming that your account will be temporarily or permanently removed. If you receive an e-mail of this nature, you can be certain that it is not legitimate.

If you have any questions, please contact Internet Technical Support at 705.528.6000 x701 or 705.725.1212 x701.